sábado, 31 de octubre de 2015

[40K] Comission: Repainting an Eldar Armoured Force

Well, after so much time without showing appropiate photos of my work, I bring you now  the last comission that fell into my hands, a repainting job of some Eldar tanks of a friend. I had to work with already painted models and was a challenge, because I wasn´t sure about dipping them because I didn´t know if it would do more harm than good, leaving painting remains and things like that,
The paint level was also the right to fit with the rest of my friend models, and is the reason why the black is so flat, however I give myself the luxury of some paint effects that would look fine but would be outside the level required.
Enought, let´s go with the pics:

* The models: 3 Falcon, 3 Serpent y 2 Warpunter

* Falcons, with the squadron leader at the front, you can see the bit of the old Comand Sprue from Apocalypse, and more bone details.

* Serpents: Where my friend wanted to invert the clasical scheme of the Ulthwe Eldar, so bone upside and black downsid, but the black one, which copy one of the model of the Codex Eldar guide, and my friend like it. As you can see, two are the old FW kit and one is the current plastic one, but with the same front bit that the other have (I made a cast of it) to give some unity to so different models.

* Warphunters: A hell of kit, the assembly was hard and need a lot of green stuff, but once finished and painted they look really good in the table, I´m pleased with.

* Effects: I tried some things, the first one is that all the models have an OLS effect  in the cabin, like the models were assembled it was dificult to archve the desired effect, but I learned a lot.

The Serpents had a warp o psychic effect in the gems that is suposed to generate the special shield of the tanks, and also give vividness to a such big detail.

And the Warphunters have a light effect in the weapons, first one with airbrush, second one with brush.

Well, I have never painted so many tanks at once, a good change respect paint infantry models.

domingo, 13 de septiembre de 2015

What is in my table work (again)

Well, these last months I have left the hobby in a second plane. I have worked in some things but nothing special. At last some pics

* Comission: Steel Legion with meltaguns and fix some details

* Crazy projects: Shoulders pads for my Real Scale Space Marines and another project, this time an Inquisitormunda band inspired in a movie I´m sure all you can remember

I hope the next time I show something more interesting

domingo, 10 de mayo de 2015

What is in my table work

Hello there!

A quick update to show my projects and a preview of finished models that need good pics:

And the last comission

jueves, 2 de abril de 2015

[40K] Sister of Battle, Dominium and Inmolator

I should have finished these models years ago!!

But I don´t really need them painted until now, and the real reason is that I will be in a tournament where all the models must be done (at least three colours, but if you star a model, finish it). Anyway, thanks to this reason these miniatures leave the "plastic and metal mountain" and can star burning heretics in style!

Sorry for these "extra-bad" pics, but the place where I usually make the photos is an absolute mess. And perhaps you say "eh! The bases are not done", but I have to finish other models too, and then I will make them.

* New Sister of Battle Squad: I bought it in e-bay and need to strip the miniatures. Originally the squad had two flamers, but I make a heavy flamer with a Retribution Sister I had. Because I don´t like to have duplicate Superiors, I used and starndar Sister and gave it a bionic eye, a bolt pistol and a axe (is hanging in the back, from the belt). The original Superior became the Imagifer (nothing is wasted)

* Dominiums: This squad have a trouble history, but it´s because their rules changed very much between codex edition, and now again can be a 5 models-squad with two special weapons.

I really like the Superior Sister, is based in a draw Nachomon made me.

To make it more "veteran" I sculpted it a burn-scar, a detail that is liking to my game-group.

Another detail I have changed in my Superiors is the backpack, I thought that somekind of relic, burner or thing alike would give them personality. So, four details later I had this

Of course, an Inmolator follow. Still some battle damage to do (is a "first line" APC so it must look battered)

* Canoness Prioris: To take advantage of this paint marathon to the end, I´m also painting this model. I finished the transformation years ago, but never painted it, so it was time. The backpack is waiting for an airbrush sesion, I want to try one of two things...

Well, that´s all for now. See you!

miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2015

[40K] Comission: Space Hulk Genestelaler

Well, finally the last part of this comission, the xenos!!!

The paint scheme is in fact a joke and ironic, as the space marines are from the Salamander Chapter, and the client wanted the Genestealer were also salamanders, so...a black and yellow scheme for these four-arms monsters! (not everything will be green).

I modified the bases a bit as the dead space marine, so they look like some kind of underground bunker and fit well with the Terminators. And of course, a centuries-abandoned bunker had not the best of maintenance, so all the metal are aged and "rusted-look" with brown washes (ahh...the old Vermin Brown, so lucky this colour seem inmortal) or verdigris.

I called these models, the mutilates...look at the arms, they have only three, don´t they?

Two models appearing from the ground, two identicals models? No, I can´t, something in me shot out for a change, so metalic ground and stone ground

I was looking a "servitor look" for these heads, so I mixed grey with all the colours. The blood is Blood for the blood God (from Games Workshop) ,brown ink and gloss varnish, I wanted an oily look, not natural but very close.

These two are the best models of the box, no doubt

And last but not the least, the Broodlord. I changed the paintjob of the yellow a little, just for customize it

And with this, a comission finished. I´m going to work in my Sisters of Battle these days, I have a tournament in two weeks

miércoles, 28 de enero de 2015

[40K] Comission: Space Hulk Dead Terminator

Hello there fellows!

After the Space Hulk terminators I was asked if I could paint the rest of the models, and of course I said yes. I have the Genestealer in my workspace for the last details in some of them, but here I show you the Dead Terminator.

Of course, the Chapter of the Salamander was still the theme so I converted the model a bit, to look like the ForgeWorld Fire Drakes, this one has been lost for a long long time...I used the GW effect for the copper, and the tipical Vomit Brown wash on the metals. For the gold I use sepia ink and green ink, and old recipe for old gold. Hope you like it