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[40K] Comission: Repainting an Eldar Armoured Force

Well, after so much time without showing appropiate photos of my work, I bring you now  the last comission that fell into my hands, a repainting job of some Eldar tanks of a friend. I had to work with already painted models and was a challenge, because I wasn´t sure about dipping them because I didn´t know if it would do more harm than good, leaving painting remains and things like that,
The paint level was also the right to fit with the rest of my friend models, and is the reason why the black is so flat, however I give myself the luxury of some paint effects that would look fine but would be outside the level required.
Enought, let´s go with the pics:

* The models: 3 Falcon, 3 Serpent y 2 Warpunter

* Falcons, with the squadron leader at the front, you can see the bit of the old Comand Sprue from Apocalypse, and more bone details.

* Serpents: Where my friend wanted to invert the clasical scheme of the Ulthwe Eldar, so bone upside and black downsid, but the black one, which copy one of the model of the Codex Eldar guide, and my friend like it. As you can see, two are the old FW kit and one is the current plastic one, but with the same front bit that the other have (I made a cast of it) to give some unity to so different models.

* Warphunters: A hell of kit, the assembly was hard and need a lot of green stuff, but once finished and painted they look really good in the table, I´m pleased with.

* Effects: I tried some things, the first one is that all the models have an OLS effect  in the cabin, like the models were assembled it was dificult to archve the desired effect, but I learned a lot.

The Serpents had a warp o psychic effect in the gems that is suposed to generate the special shield of the tanks, and also give vividness to a such big detail.

And the Warphunters have a light effect in the weapons, first one with airbrush, second one with brush.

Well, I have never painted so many tanks at once, a good change respect paint infantry models.

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  1. Hola Gonfrask!
    just went trough your blog, very inspiring stuff you have here! There is something I always envied in people like you who are able to nail whole armies for a commission and still find energies for their personal projects, it's just admirable!
    Keep it up, I'll keep following.

    1. Thanks mate! It´s true that I can switch between comissions and personal projects, but these last suffer delays...long long delays...