sábado, 15 de marzo de 2014

[40K] Nomads Bike Squad Commision

Hi again!

Well, after a few days of painting as a maniac I have finished this comision, a ten man bike squad of a Space Marine Chapter a friend created. You can also find a Command Squad just here.

As you can see, there is a bunch of bits here, 2nd edition models, White Scars and current models. Let´s see them.

* Basic bikers: The models with "nothing special", easy conversions and bits recicled from previous models.

* The special weapons: A 2nd edition model with a melta gun (also converted, the gun actually was broken but I used a boltgun to restore it) and a grav-gun (do not leave home without it)

* Attack Bike: With multi melta, I don´t know why, but I needed to do anything to the driver, so I take a Dark Angel sword and made an arabic style sword.

* The (false) Veteran: As I told in the other thread, inspired in the 2nd edition Codex I made a veteran, so, when my friend use battle squads, he will have two leaders. Just a stetic detail. Again I use a Dark Angel sword, but I chaged it.

* The Sargent: Maybe the hardest part of this squad, not only I had to convert the torso, but also used a 2nd edition power fist, but I modeled it to look like is holding the handle. The White Scar symbol has been removed and changed with a Nomad symbol.

Well, that´s all folks (jejejejeje). Was a very funny commision, but I really wanted to finish it and begin the next one.

BONUS TRACK: Limited Edition Space Marine Sargent

Well, also my friend gave me this model. This sargent was only available in the online store and when you fulfill certain requeriments. It was a really good chance

lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

[40K] Making a female Adeptus Arbite.

Hello everybody.

Some of you may remember that a time ago BoLS published a Codex Adeptus Arbites, in this codex they also show a small hobby section, where they show some ideas and conversions to make your own Arbites so you don´t need the Necromunda models or become crazy tryed to win any of the bids in e-bay. The most usual model to star is a Space Marine scout for a male Arbite, but I don´t want a male Arbite, I want a female Arbite.
There are few kits that you can use for this conversion, but I think the best is a plastic Eldar Guardian, not only have females torsos, but already wear somekind of carapace armour and have soft forms. For the shotgun I kept using the Space Marine Scout arms. The head is from the Sister of Battle Inmolator kit, and a Cadian Helmet. And well...green sutff.

As you can see I kept the basic forms of the original models (from 2nd Edition), also my girlfriend told me that I should make a shotgun butt as the metal models and a pert ass because should be more appropiate for a woman.

Also you will notice this is my first english post...well I need to improve mi english...