lunes, 12 de febrero de 2018

[40K] Death Guard Comission III, part b

Let´s star the week with a new post, more Death Guard Termis!! But this time the Deathshroud Terminator bodyguards, they are amazing models, but the lack of positions is a shame.

And still there is another Terminator model waiting...who could be?

jueves, 8 de febrero de 2018

[40k] Comission, Death Guard III

Hello pals

Well, I hope to finish these models in later January, but...well, the friends, family, friends know. But let´s go to our bussines, models!!!

* Brightlord Terminators: Nice models, nice rules (I think), and again...conversions, but only two things:

Champion: I used a spared torso from the Deathshroud as well as a head (there are 4 heads left when you have done the three models), I also used the Plague Mayal, but I think the champion can´t choose this weapon...

Brother Flyus: The bubotic axe of this model is handmade, in the box there are only 3 axes, but I think is much better weapon option for the squad

Brother Ebolus: A weird model...he is spouting some kind of liquid, but what the hell it is? Well, blood was my choice and my girlfriend named him then. Also told me to paint the back tank like full of blood

The Human Lamprey, because I used the face with the, well, lamprey mouth

The Hollow, this models seems as I say, hollow, the broken armour is full of larvae and a nurgling! Not a hint of flesh, organs or other things...

Well, tomorrow I will show you more models painted this month

lunes, 1 de enero de 2018

[40K] Comission Death Guard II

Happy New Year fellows gamers and modelers! (and rest of the people)

An update in January first, I hope this is a new custom and this year I post more, because that mean I have been working in more models.

But let me show you the first HQ of this army, a Malignant Plaguecaster, and again...converted. This time I can´t hold myself, specially when I found that the Plague Marines box brings head!!! Yesss, a mutated fly head!! And GW doesn´t show it anywhere! What the heeeeeeeeeeeeell?!! Why?! I had a theme for the conversion then, and as I´m converting Typhus, I had some demons flies to use  too. So, I give you the Lord of the Flies!!

Also, a WIP of Typhus, inspired by the amazing Alex Boyd art

jueves, 21 de diciembre de 2017

[40K] Comission, Death Guard

Hello pals!

Again months missing but update! This time I´m going to show you the first part of a new comission, a whole Death Guard army. It´s been a while since a painted a Chaos model, and now I have a lot of models in my work desk (which curiosly is starting to age and rotten...maybe I need some Emperor´s Tears). These models are so great than I will not do many conversion (but you now me...there will be, of course there will be), but the client and I don´t like a "clasic green scheme" so we choose an the Great Crusada / Heresy colours, and a lot of dirt, drip and blood (well, not too much blood, this is not a Khorne army).

Let´s see these first models:

* Dark Imperium Plague Marines: Well, first conversion, but a little one! I swear! I changed the Champion´s head for a FW Iron Hands head, I like how it looks, and gives more cohesion to the squad, a little of green stuff here and there and done!

You have a bionic eye and the other one is full of pustules? Worry not citizen, Papa Nurgle will give you a new one! But maybe not in the face...

The backpack is from the plague caster, the original backpack will be use in other model

A classic, two special weapons, again another conversion (I know, I know...), the plasma gun from the First Trike kit will make an amazing add-on to this squad. And also one of the heads.

And the rest

Icon bearer (what? Another conversion? Look behind you! A three-head monkey!!)

I choose to paint the cloaks like banners, I have seen it in others models and really like it. A trophie and a relic

* First Strike Plague Marines: Nothing special, just some green stuff to repair where the plasma gun was originaly

* Plague Brethen: Special Edition you don´t make any change

* Foul Blightspawn: The first Hero, I remade the dropping effect of the hosepipe, I think the sculpt was so...artificial, looks false, so I remade it with a hair and glue, a classic

I used the GW technical for the oxide effects, the mucus and the bases, also a clasical, watered Vermin Brown. It was fun

lunes, 9 de octubre de 2017

Lack of updates...

Just because I forgot to show you my jobs...I don´t know why I have a blog, well, perhaps to don´t miss the updates of another great blogs :P

Well, let´s show you one of my last projects, the grav-rhinos! Yes, I´m a big fan of that idea since I saw it in the Ilustrated Guide of the Horus Heresy, in fact two years ago I made one model for a tournament, but I have to finish it to quickly because I didn´t manage my time correctly, but this year I had half and a month to made another and change some details od the previous one, and you know what? Yessss!!! Again I run out of time! What kind of magic is this?!!!

Let´s stop crying and show you some pics

First, the basic structure of the model, at the left you can see the model I made two years ago, but stripped from some details that I will remake

The front, I try to do a little homage to the SoB rhino from the 2nd edition, but keep in my style

Working in the side details, the hatch, the exhaust pipes and details to break the flat surfaces

A view of the down side, you can see there is not much details, but I don´t think is a side of the model that will show very often

Testing the "flying" bases"

At this moment, my girlfriend told me that I should make somekind of grav plates, like the Repulsor or the Land Speeder

Another test, just to show that with this model I could play with Rhino or Inmolators....nice

Well, this is all by now. Yes...I couldn´t paint them, so no "best painted" award for me...but well, I´m finding that now my army has a lot of movility, and that is no joke