jueves, 3 de enero de 2019

[40K] Death Guard Comission, Part VI

And that is how a blog dies, when you forget to update it in a month...well, forgive this little mistake but just as I finished these models I started a little personal project and all my hobby time is focused in it, I haven´t touched a brush in all this time even! But well, I think you are here to see more models, not my excuses.

This time I painted a good bunch of models, because all Nurgle army needs a lot of...zombies! Yes, poxwalkers (from Dark Imperium and First Strike) and Gellerpox zombies, 29 models ready to eat the brains of their enemies or spread Nurgle´s gifts to those that can flee.

The Gellerpox have no conversion or modification, just say that I want to show they were member of some crew, so they wear all the same uniform, just dark and a bit dirty. The Poxwalker of course have been converted, trying to avoid two models alike some little changes as head swaps were made, but these ones are without any doubt the best models

I should do a year resume? Don´t know, maybe.

See you mates!

domingo, 2 de diciembre de 2018

The Eternal Project II

Another update of this project.

What I really love of this project, is the posibility to make models absoluly uniques, and in a Space Wolves army, si very easy to find an excuse to this, obviously the Characters, but the Wolf Guards...with their customized gear (to follow the Codex is really easy...when you are an Ultrasmurf)...the deserve to take your time with them, maube too much, because what was only "to make some cool models" become a project inside the project, and influenced by the novel Wolf Blade the first Wolf Guards were born

If you have read the novel (it´s not amazing, but amusing) William King show us some character that clearly are a hint to Warriors Three, from the Thor comics, and I had to make my own version of these. At the left you have my version of Volsstag, to make a "wider" upper body I used a terminator torso and green stuff to sculpt the belly armour, which copy shamelessly his cinematic version as do the axe but oversized. At the right, Fandral, a guy with style (in the novel, King just need to say he is tacky) made from an Eternal Stormcast because he already wear a nice master crafted armour, I turned the shoulder pads, give him a nice moustache and a rapier and some details. An in the center, Hogun, the only one is missing in the novel (in fact, his absence is the reason why there is a place in the Wolf Blades) and as in the comics he is not asgaardian, my version could not be fenrisian so...which are the best mongol-style Marines? Yesss! The White Scars, so I had to change a bit the style of the details and I´m waiting for the WS shoulder pad from the Deathwatch box to finish it.

Let´s go with another model that is liking, a Wulfen, or a Wulfen leader

Made from the WD free gift slaughterpriest, the model is really big, more than even a Primaris! In the Fenris campaign books say that a Wulfen Leader is much taller than a standar marine, so there wasn´t any more doubts. Just sculpt some muscles, the neck, details and here he is! Easy, is it no?

And as I´m a bit crazy, also had to resculpt clasic models from the Second Edition Space Wolvs range

Also "real scaling" the good Gregor Fellhand, is an amazing model and I want to use it in my new army.

Some people ask me if I would make Real Scale vehicules, so I show you...a Dreadnought!!

I know a lot of people like the "box with legs" but...come on people, in the lore always is said that they are "three times the height of a man" and even with the old metal models this happen. Is not as big as a Redemptor, but I think now looks much better.

And this is all for now...I´m working in the tenth man of the Grey Hunter squad and another character. I hope to show you more models soon

jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2018

The Eternal Project: Real Scale Space Wolves

Well, motivated by Suber´s work, I´m going to whow you what I call my "Eternal Project", redoing my Space Wolves army but his time Real Scale. I´m going to talk long about the history of this project and how I have to updated another thread, this could be a good self motivation way.

Project I started years ago seeing  (and drooling) the amazing works done by Master of The Forge  (https://masteroftheforge.com/), Synapse and Doghouse (wich threads you can find in Warseer´s Hall of Heroes) and I have always updated soooooooooooooooooooo slowly that today I have completed just...the 0%. I have models assembles but absolutely nothing finished.

At the time, I faced it as much of these projects, thinking about sculpting the models almost one model at time, and I decided to start with what would be one of the main element of my army, the fourth version of Gonfrask, Wolf Lord of just another Lost Company.

To be just my first serious sculpt work isn´t too bad, the cloak was sculpted as Freakforge (I miss you mate, where the hell are you?) teach us once in one of his tutorials more than five years ago, and the head is from a model of Avatars of War. Today I would change some things...oh man...I´m starting again.

But the truth was this advanced slowly and I left it a little aside, but never stop thinking about it. Then I started to make thing with silicone molds and resin copies of diverses things, and at this moment I said to my self "and waht about sculpt some torsos and legs to make some copies?". So I went for that idea, but bit a bit...and after some time I had the next 

And some proofs of the molds (old pics)

This looks nice, now for sure I will go faster!

Still I have to work in the arms (a thing Master of the Forge does it look really easy) and this really is a one by one work, at least until a year ago the Primaris showed up, whose arms fit almost perfectly...but of course I wanted the arms to look diverse armour marks. For example, mi almost finished Grey Hunter squad have Mk VII torsos with MK IV arms, an MK IV helmet with a (insipired) MK III torso...

9 marines...I have notices TODAY! they aren´t 10...damn it, these are not even completed...

Another squad on the way are the Blood Claws, as I told you before, my compressor broke so I have been with other things and made these 7 lads (well, two of the still need some details)

Another 3 models and the pack would be done! Come on!!

Well, this is a long post, so I will save some things to future updates

lunes, 22 de octubre de 2018

[Comission] More Eldars

Hi pals.

This time I bring you another Eldar Comission, maybe you have read this previous comission, or maybe don´t (if don´t...go and read it!), but the same client ask me to paint part of his Eldar Wraith Host and here you have the finished models.

* Wraith Seers: The FW kit, I think I have got a good "Eldar Seer" look with not only that kit, but also the plastic details from the Wraith Lord Sprue. This time a model has a heavy conversion and the other one don´t, just for no reason but "this would look nice" and well, one of the ideas needed to
reposition legs and arms, and the other was able with the plastic bits.

Let´s go with the pics, first, of course the conversion

Two pics of the blade, with and without flash

And a little "cast" effect in the helmet

And the second one

Also, with a lighting effect in its helmet

* Wraith Lords: Both models have been converted, to look like bodyguards of the Wraithseers or the guardians of somekind of temple, this has no real rules of course, they were made this way just for the rule of cool
This one is more like the Guardian

And this is maybe a little more agressive

Is that all? No! Also I painted two Lynx, so they will fit properly with the rest of the armoured forces (that you can see in the link in the top...what? Do you not have seen it yet?)

Well, the next update maybe is delayed even more because...I have no compressor! So all my paint projects and comissions are stoped...well, I will show you conversions then

jueves, 9 de agosto de 2018

[40K] Death Guard Comission V, Part C

Well, the last models of this batch, and we return to the Legion troops

* Rhino: Second transport, but this time we left the corrupted ones and went for an original tank of the Legion, so it needs to be a Deimos Pattern. Of course ten thousand years under the hands of the Death Guard and the Warp have marked the transport, and some minor mutations have been made.

I love to paint inside the transport, maybe it usually is hidden by the doors, but there are a lot of details there...and much more when you chaotized it!

* Plague Surgeon: Another amazing model from the Death Guard range, I love how it mix technological details with tools for alchemical use. The model don´t bring a nurgling, so it needs one! A medic/nurse nurgling, always ready to help. And also I changed a bit the neck and made it longer (don´t know...he looks like he is missing some vertebrae or has scoliosis...)

lunes, 23 de julio de 2018

[40K] Death Guard Comission V, Part B

Weekly update! This time...drones!!! Maybe the favourite models of this new range, in fact the client like them so much that comissioned me not one, but three Plague drones! and the great Miphytic (I love this one too).

* Plague Drones: From Dark Imperium, the new box and the old FW model with a little weapon swap

Again you can see the dark red/mechanicum colour, and instead a pinky skin, I choose an "almost white tone", this would be a nice contrast with the dark colour

Instead of lenses, I choose to paint eyes, big, conjunctivitis, and shiny eyes...

The plastic models have a trail of cords, and biomechanical things, so the correct thing would be to make also a trail of mucus

* Myphitic Blighthauler, such a great model, I like how it looks like a mole criket but also is almost identical to its flying cousins

In the base I made the mark that the tracks should left in the ground, I usually see models with a great paintjob, but miss this littl detail

The next week, back to more "legionesque" things