domingo, 2 de abril de 2017

[40k] Comission, Grey Knights Paladins

Hello again.

Another comission from my friend, his Grey Knight army is still growing and growing, and he wanted to add a Paladin squad now. But a very "overpowered unit", because although he wanted all the standard choices in this kind of squad (apothecary, banner, etc...) also wanted them all with daemonhammers (why not?!). A kit from Chapterhouse, some minor conversions and voilá!.

For the paintjob, I keep the level from previous comission, but also made one or two OLS effects.

Well, no more words, now the pics

My first serious NMM paint, copied from the box, but well, it´s something

Internet says that is an hexagramic rune

More texts

Someone is still living

Some psyquic power

And Kaldor with them

domingo, 19 de marzo de 2017

[40K] Comission Grey Knights Dreadknights

Hello again.

Bad pics, made with hurry because I forgot to photograph them before they were given to my client (again, a friend). They were converted to be more armoured, and with least exposed pilots. The hip was widened to make them look more correctly with the new cockpit. Well, here you have

I hope you like them!

lunes, 13 de febrero de 2017

[Comission] Robotech, Max & Miriya Sterling

Hi again people.

Do you have been maybe asking where the hell I was? Well, not dead of course. I have done some more comission and projects but never make any pic of them or upload a WIP post. This is of course all my fault, and don´t have any excuse (not a good one to be realistic) but this time I´m going to use the update of other blog to show you these models. An abusse? Maybe, but I´m spanish, and if someone do the job for you, don´t move a finger and

* Max Sterling: You can see the pics here

And a little preview

* Miriya Sterling: As I see


Also check my friend/cliente blog, is full of oldschool post and models. I´m sure you will like it, but remember, is in spanish language

What I´m doing now? Well, I have a Grey Knights Paladin Squad on my desk, also the Sister of Silence, Custodes and new models for my Sister of battle Army are marching over my table work, beating all other previous project I had...I hope to have a good year.

Thank you for watching!

domingo, 3 de julio de 2016

[Comission] Robotech, more Zentraedi Pods

Hello mates!

I have painted more pods, and this time I don´t forget any decal jejejeje.

Again, and with no special reason, the back armour is diferent in three models, just for fun I could say

But there are more models! First 2 Artillery Pods

And a Reckon Pod

With these models, I have painted all the Zentraedi models from the basic box, now is time to play some games

lunes, 25 de abril de 2016

[Comission] Comissar Yarrick

Hello there.

Well, this time I show you my last comission, a Comissar Yarrick. It will be used in a Tallarn army, so at the first moment my client wanted it in "brow colours", I told him that then the model would look like just one more of the army, if we kept the clasic colours of any comissar, will distingish the as a main character. Luckily (I tought) this argument changed his mind, so aside some brown details, there is nothing very diferent.

And the base, tipical human rest and a sandy look

miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2016

[Comission] Robotech Valkyries

Well, after the pods now is turn of the Valkyries, first the (I think so) standar squad of 4 models, 3 and leader

* Fighter Mode:

* Guardian Mode:

* Battloid Mode:

miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2016

[Comission] Robotech Zentraedi

Hi there! Well, Besides personal projects that not lead anywhere (and explain my lack of updates in ALL my threads...) I have been painting the models of the Robotech KS for my Keyansark from the blog Plastico y Metal. Let us begin with 3 Zentraedi pods and a Roiquonmi Glaug Battle Pod

* Pods: The colours scheme and style was determinated by my friend, because he already painted 3 pods but he didn´t look able to paint so many white and decals. I opted for black instead of grey and blue, to achieve more contrast.

The Decals

Comparative with a previous painted model. Now I see that forgot a decal in the front. Well, I have to pain more pods, so I will put them later

* Roiquonmi Glaug Battle Pod: Again, not a very elaborate style, just the light effect in the weapons