martes, 17 de julio de 2018

[40K] Death Guard Comission V, Part A

Hi again people! Seem I have missed  some updates (or maybe I´m just delayed) but I have painted a good bunch of models for this month´s updates. Let´s star with a Plague Burst Crawler

As you can see, the model is a mix of Legion colours and dark red, why dark red? Well, because when my client and I talked about the colour scheme, thought that this would be a nice detail that would link the Death Guard with the Dark Mechanicum, who would probably make these beasts to Mortarion (I don´t see Techmarines in the Death Guard).

You can see the weapons are diferent in this pic, another model? No, just magnetized them, so can change and combine them as the army list needs

And well, a back pic to show the paint stripped, some weathering

The next week, more models!

martes, 1 de mayo de 2018

Death Guard Comission IV, part C

Damn, this post was suposed to be done yesterday, but I forget it...

Another character, perhaps one of the best model of the Death Guard range, the Tallyman! When I saw it, I knew I had to paint one, and this comission was a perfect chance! I think that even his rules are cool (he is somekind of Dark Apostle, and can recover Comand Points), and again my girlfriend had a great idea, sugesting me that I could give the model one or two even "freaker" details with my paintjob, Can you find them?

I´m going to change a little my next update, keep looking

lunes, 23 de abril de 2018

[40K] Death Guard Comission IV, part B

This week update, and how will go those melta gun to be in front of the enemy? Well, tha answer is easy...transport! My client is thinking he would like to have two Rhinos in the army, so be it. The first one is a corrupted loyal Rhino, made with a standar box and the upgrade kit from Wargames amazing kit but also a many details! Sometimes I didn´t know what I was painting...flesh? fungus? deformed metal?
Anyway, stop talking and more pics

Why Salamander? Well, first of all, this client already has the Space Hulk Terminators converted by me to look like Salamanders, and in some way this is a hint to that comission. Also, the green is a good contrast to the white-bone of the army, is true that is not a "focus model" but this way would also look more special.

I talked about a second Rhino, but is not even glued. That one will be an Heresy MK Rhino, and will have the Legion colours

lunes, 16 de abril de 2018

[40K] Death Guard Comission IV, part A

I´m late, I´m late...I have finished these models the last week but didn´t take the pics until today, and just because I had to charge the camera, and couldn´t find the charger...anyway, here you have the last 9 Plague Marines for this army.

The new box plus the amazing Champion

Let´s take a look to the other models

Wait...two relics? three special weapons? I have an explanation, and if you look at the backpacks you can see they are painted in two styles, white and metal, and this is because if I take the models from the Plague Brethen and the First Strike we have these squads

That´s all for now, but this weekend I would upload another unit.


martes, 27 de febrero de 2018

[40k] Death Guard Comission III, part C

Last week, the last one of this month updates. Another model with Terminator Armour...who could be? Lord Festus and the Easy to Build models? Not, they are four models and they are still waiting for a paintjob, A conversion? Not this time, but of course, I gave it my personal touch...

Dear readers, I bring you...Typhus!!! (I showed you before, all of this is just make you lost your time...)

Of course, no Death Guard army could be complete without this character (and a bunch of Poxwalkers, but they are too waiting), a fantastic model (with a lot of detractors) but still I have to do something, and as I showed before, Alex Boyd had done an amazing art years ago so I tried to honor it with a little reposition and a poor guardman.

The demon flies are a nice touch, but I thing a little excesive, so I didn´t use all the bits, and then I painted it like if it was a swarm, more like smoke. I´m not happy with the result, but it looks really good

Well, this is all folks for february, I have another 10 Plague Marines and a looted Rhino in the table, I hope to update again in a week (ja! I wish...)

lunes, 12 de febrero de 2018

[40K] Death Guard Comission III, part b

Let´s star the week with a new post, more Death Guard Termis!! But this time the Deathshroud Terminator bodyguards, they are amazing models, but the lack of positions is a shame.

And still there is another Terminator model waiting...who could be?

jueves, 8 de febrero de 2018

[40k] Comission, Death Guard III, part A

Hello pals

Well, I hope to finish these models in later January, but...well, the friends, family, friends know. But let´s go to our bussines, models!!!

* Brightlord Terminators: Nice models, nice rules (I think), and again...conversions, but only two things:

Champion: I used a spared torso from the Deathshroud as well as a head (there are 4 heads left when you have done the three models), I also used the Plague Mayal, but I think the champion can´t choose this weapon...

Brother Flyus: The bubotic axe of this model is handmade, in the box there are only 3 axes, but I think is much better weapon option for the squad

Brother Ebolus: A weird model...he is spouting some kind of liquid, but what the hell it is? Well, blood was my choice and my girlfriend named him then. Also told me to paint the back tank like full of blood

The Human Lamprey, because I used the face with the, well, lamprey mouth

The Hollow, this models seems as I say, hollow, the broken armour is full of larvae and a nurgling! Not a hint of flesh, organs or other things...

Well, tomorrow I will show you more models painted this month