domingo, 2 de abril de 2017

[40k] Comission, Grey Knights Paladins

Hello again.

Another comission from my friend, his Grey Knight army is still growing and growing, and he wanted to add a Paladin squad now. But a very "overpowered unit", because although he wanted all the standard choices in this kind of squad (apothecary, banner, etc...) also wanted them all with daemonhammers (why not?!). A kit from Chapterhouse, some minor conversions and voilá!.

For the paintjob, I keep the level from previous comission, but also made one or two OLS effects.

Well, no more words, now the pics

My first serious NMM paint, copied from the box, but well, it´s something

Internet says that is an hexagramic rune

More texts

Someone is still living

Some psyquic power

And Kaldor with them