jueves, 2 de abril de 2015

[40K] Sister of Battle, Dominium and Inmolator

I should have finished these models years ago!!

But I don´t really need them painted until now, and the real reason is that I will be in a tournament where all the models must be done (at least three colours, but if you star a model, finish it). Anyway, thanks to this reason these miniatures leave the "plastic and metal mountain" and can star burning heretics in style!

Sorry for these "extra-bad" pics, but the place where I usually make the photos is an absolute mess. And perhaps you say "eh! The bases are not done", but I have to finish other models too, and then I will make them.

* New Sister of Battle Squad: I bought it in e-bay and need to strip the miniatures. Originally the squad had two flamers, but I make a heavy flamer with a Retribution Sister I had. Because I don´t like to have duplicate Superiors, I used and starndar Sister and gave it a bionic eye, a bolt pistol and a axe (is hanging in the back, from the belt). The original Superior became the Imagifer (nothing is wasted)

* Dominiums: This squad have a trouble history, but it´s because their rules changed very much between codex edition, and now again can be a 5 models-squad with two special weapons.

I really like the Superior Sister, is based in a draw Nachomon made me.

To make it more "veteran" I sculpted it a burn-scar, a detail that is liking to my game-group.

Another detail I have changed in my Superiors is the backpack, I thought that somekind of relic, burner or thing alike would give them personality. So, four details later I had this

Of course, an Inmolator follow. Still some battle damage to do (is a "first line" APC so it must look battered)

* Canoness Prioris: To take advantage of this paint marathon to the end, I´m also painting this model. I finished the transformation years ago, but never painted it, so it was time. The backpack is waiting for an airbrush sesion, I want to try one of two things...

Well, that´s all for now. See you!

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