miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2015

[40K] Comission: Space Hulk Genestelaler

Well, finally the last part of this comission, the xenos!!!

The paint scheme is in fact a joke and ironic, as the space marines are from the Salamander Chapter, and the client wanted the Genestealer were also salamanders, so...a black and yellow scheme for these four-arms monsters! (not everything will be green).

I modified the bases a bit as the dead space marine, so they look like some kind of underground bunker and fit well with the Terminators. And of course, a centuries-abandoned bunker had not the best of maintenance, so all the metal are aged and "rusted-look" with brown washes (ahh...the old Vermin Brown, so lucky this colour seem inmortal) or verdigris.

I called these models, the mutilates...look at the arms, they have only three, don´t they?

Two models appearing from the ground, two identicals models? No, I can´t, something in me shot out for a change, so metalic ground and stone ground

I was looking a "servitor look" for these heads, so I mixed grey with all the colours. The blood is Blood for the blood God (from Games Workshop) ,brown ink and gloss varnish, I wanted an oily look, not natural but very close.

These two are the best models of the box, no doubt

And last but not the least, the Broodlord. I changed the paintjob of the yellow a little, just for customize it

And with this, a comission finished. I´m going to work in my Sisters of Battle these days, I have a tournament in two weeks

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