lunes, 1 de enero de 2018

[40K] Comission Death Guard II

Happy New Year fellows gamers and modelers! (and rest of the people)

An update in January first, I hope this is a new custom and this year I post more, because that mean I have been working in more models.

But let me show you the first HQ of this army, a Malignant Plaguecaster, and again...converted. This time I can´t hold myself, specially when I found that the Plague Marines box brings head!!! Yesss, a mutated fly head!! And GW doesn´t show it anywhere! What the heeeeeeeeeeeeell?!! Why?! I had a theme for the conversion then, and as I´m converting Typhus, I had some demons flies to use  too. So, I give you the Lord of the Flies!!

Also, a WIP of Typhus, inspired by the amazing Alex Boyd art

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