jueves, 8 de febrero de 2018

[40k] Comission, Death Guard III, part A

Hello pals

Well, I hope to finish these models in later January, but...well, the friends, family, friends again...you know. But let´s go to our bussines, models!!!

* Brightlord Terminators: Nice models, nice rules (I think), and again...conversions, but only two things:

Champion: I used a spared torso from the Deathshroud as well as a head (there are 4 heads left when you have done the three models), I also used the Plague Mayal, but I think the champion can´t choose this weapon...

Brother Flyus: The bubotic axe of this model is handmade, in the box there are only 3 axes, but I think is much better weapon option for the squad

Brother Ebolus: A weird model...he is spouting some kind of liquid, but what the hell it is? Well, blood was my choice and my girlfriend named him then. Also told me to paint the back tank like full of blood

The Human Lamprey, because I used the face with the, well, lamprey mouth

The Hollow, this models seems as I say, hollow, the broken armour is full of larvae and a nurgling! Not a hint of flesh, organs or other things...

Well, tomorrow I will show you more models painted this month

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