jueves, 21 de diciembre de 2017

[40K] Comission, Death Guard

Hello pals!

Again months missing but update! This time I´m going to show you the first part of a new comission, a whole Death Guard army. It´s been a while since a painted a Chaos model, and now I have a lot of models in my work desk (which curiosly is starting to age and rotten...maybe I need some Emperor´s Tears). These models are so great than I will not do many conversion (but you now me...there will be, of course there will be), but the client and I don´t like a "clasic green scheme" so we choose an the Great Crusada / Heresy colours, and a lot of dirt, drip and blood (well, not too much blood, this is not a Khorne army).

Let´s see these first models:

* Dark Imperium Plague Marines: Well, first conversion, but a little one! I swear! I changed the Champion´s head for a FW Iron Hands head, I like how it looks, and gives more cohesion to the squad, a little of green stuff here and there and done!

You have a bionic eye and the other one is full of pustules? Worry not citizen, Papa Nurgle will give you a new one! But maybe not in the face...

The backpack is from the plague caster, the original backpack will be use in other model

A classic, two special weapons, again another conversion (I know, I know...), the plasma gun from the First Trike kit will make an amazing add-on to this squad. And also one of the heads.

And the rest

Icon bearer (what? Another conversion? Look behind you! A three-head monkey!!)

I choose to paint the cloaks like banners, I have seen it in others models and really like it. A trophie and a relic

* First Strike Plague Marines: Nothing special, just some green stuff to repair where the plasma gun was originaly

* Plague Brethen: Special Edition models...so you don´t make any change

* Foul Blightspawn: The first Hero, I remade the dropping effect of the hosepipe, I think the sculpt was so...artificial, looks false, so I remade it with a hair and glue, a classic

I used the GW technical for the oxide effects, the mucus and the bases, also a clasical, watered Vermin Brown. It was fun

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