viernes, 14 de noviembre de 2014

[40K] Comission: Space Hulk Salamander Terminators and standar Salamander Terminators

Hellor there, finally I´m back and I should finish the post about the Liebster Price but well...this comission has been in my work-table for too long and I want to share it. First of all, all the models together:

There are not all the Space Hulk models indeed, but I made them previously, but the client was so happy with them that ask me to finish the others:

The conversions were very funny, althoug eliminating the Blood Angels details was boring, sculpt the symbols, scales and fangs was not. The shoulder pads are from Forge World, made by Freakforge, and by myself

Let´s see the models one by one:

* The Sargent: The client and myself don´t like the new background of the Salamanders, and that stuff about their skin and burning eyes, we preferred a Maori background and so I paint some tatoos in the model.

* The guy with lighting claws: I love this model, hope to have done a good job in this.

* Scan guy: This model was a headhache, but not for itself, but for my dog-pet...It was attacked not once, but twice by that little son of, more battle damage

* The other models: Nothing special about these guys, well perhaps the tyranid blood of the last one, in the background the Tyranids have ichor instead of blood, so it should be less dense and more transparent...i´m not entirely happy with the result but well looks nice anyway

The "standar" models were easier to convert, this time there is no Forge World shoulder pad, only the models made by Freakforge and me.

Bonus track, as I had some repeated models, made this one like present for the client, some kind of Terminator Techmarine

And of course, the C.A.T., no Space Hulk would be complet without one of this little servitors

Well, hope you like all of them, and see you again

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