jueves, 25 de diciembre de 2014

[40K] Comission: Honour Guard, Chaplain and Librarian

Here we are again, another post another comission, and newly for the Nomads. This time some HQ units so I finish with these guys for a while (except if the client wants news models in his army...). There is no family photo so let´s go with the models:

* Honour Guard: One metal model and a conversion, I´m not entirely happy with the last one now, but I was paintig it when felt it, so I let it.

* Chaplain: The clasic metal model, I really like this miniature, perhaps one of the best of Godwin, the only "but" is, Why is he tiptoed? Well...As you can see, I used a Sanguinary Guard Arm, so he can ride the bike and be armed, also the rest od the White Scars bits I had from the previous comissions.

* Librarian: A 100% plastic model...well, 99%, the top of the staff is from a metal crozius. The psychic hood is a plastic shoulder (an idea I saw in a Golden Demon years ago), and with some bits and green stuff...I hope you like the model

Now that I see this pic I think should repaint that page...

Well, I hope you like them. See you!

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