martes, 17 de julio de 2018

[40K] Death Guard Comission V, Part A

Hi again people! Seem I have missed  some updates (or maybe I´m just delayed) but I have painted a good bunch of models for this month´s updates. Let´s star with a Plague Burst Crawler

As you can see, the model is a mix of Legion colours and dark red, why dark red? Well, because when my client and I talked about the colour scheme, thought that this would be a nice detail that would link the Death Guard with the Dark Mechanicum, who would probably make these beasts to Mortarion (I don´t see Techmarines in the Death Guard).

You can see the weapons are diferent in this pic, another model? No, just magnetized them, so can change and combine them as the army list needs

And well, a back pic to show the paint stripped, some weathering

The next week, more models!

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