lunes, 23 de abril de 2018

[40K] Death Guard Comission IV, part B

This week update, and how will go those melta gun to be in front of the enemy? Well, tha answer is easy...transport! My client is thinking he would like to have two Rhinos in the army, so be it. The first one is a corrupted loyal Rhino, made with a standar box and the upgrade kit from Wargames amazing kit but also a many details! Sometimes I didn´t know what I was painting...flesh? fungus? deformed metal?
Anyway, stop talking and more pics

Why Salamander? Well, first of all, this client already has the Space Hulk Terminators converted by me to look like Salamanders, and in some way this is a hint to that comission. Also, the green is a good contrast to the white-bone of the army, is true that is not a "focus model" but this way would also look more special.

I talked about a second Rhino, but is not even glued. That one will be an Heresy MK Rhino, and will have the Legion colours

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