martes, 27 de febrero de 2018

[40k] Death Guard Comission III, part C

Last week, the last one of this month updates. Another model with Terminator Armour...who could be? Lord Festus and the Easy to Build models? Not, they are four models and they are still waiting for a paintjob, A conversion? Not this time, but of course, I gave it my personal touch...

Dear readers, I bring you...Typhus!!! (I showed you before, all of this is just make you lost your time...)

Of course, no Death Guard army could be complete without this character (and a bunch of Poxwalkers, but they are too waiting), a fantastic model (with a lot of detractors) but still I have to do something, and as I showed before, Alex Boyd had done an amazing art years ago so I tried to honor it with a little reposition and a poor guardman.

The demon flies are a nice touch, but I thing a little excesive, so I didn´t use all the bits, and then I painted it like if it was a swarm, more like smoke. I´m not happy with the result, but it looks really good

Well, this is all folks for february, I have another 10 Plague Marines and a looted Rhino in the table, I hope to update again in a week (ja! I wish...)

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