domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2020

Where I have been?

 Hello? Is there somebody there? Well, if you are still there thank you. These...weird months I have been training a skill that I started building years ago and left it because I haven´t the tools, in fact the hardware and software tools. Of course I´m talking about digital sculpt.

Thanks to 3dbuzz (they uploaded for free their digital lessons, but sadly because was closing its netschool) I spent a whole month learning the basics of working with Zbrush. But after that month and some time more I was able to make this:

Not a bad begining, not at all. Still a lot to learn if I wanted to make 28 mm miniatures (the most critized thing is that the model looks like thought for a 54 mm model) so a lot to still learn.  While was making things for fun and for another projects:

And my last complete projects:

* Clean MK III armours: The death Guard models are an amazing source of MK III bits, but you need to spent a lot of time cleaning details, sanding and, was time to save time!

* Another try for GW: Again I´m trying to convince GW that I´m a pontential good sculptor for their team, so time to copy a GW model ans show what I can do:

Still a long road ahead...a looooong road

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